About Me

Hi world,

This is me Unni, that’s my nickname. I was thinking of starting a blog like forever. I started this so that i can talk about whatever i feel about things happening around me and other experiences.

Now coming to me, i am a techie(in a bad way, i try to control myself with spending money on anything like mobiles, laptops, and other mobile accessories. I am also a photographer (a lazy one), btw not a professional one, just those kinda guys who bought a cam so that i can take good pics whenever I go out.

I feel that writing a blog will help me clear my mind at times, help me feel better. But that I will only find out when I continue this (I am absolutely not sure whether i will).

Now coming to my personal life, I am a caring person, I like to help others when possible(Be happy and make others happy whenever possible). That was my motto before I became an emotional wreck. But like people say and also like my friends usually say, good things will come when bad things happen (Rainbow after the rain).

I am a big Manchester United fan, I love them. I started following them from 2006, that was the golden era of Sir Alex Ferguson. That team of 2008 that won the champions league, just wow.

I am also a movie person, I watch only movies that i think are worth watching and also a anime fan, I have watched bleach (waiting for the new season to start with ywach as the new villain) and also one piece.

I also love food, but that is an understatement, who doesn’t love food .

Well that’s all for now πŸ™‚


Just a random pick i took from home during thrikarthika :)
Just a random pick i took from home during thrikarthika πŸ™‚

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