A trip to calicut……

Hello world…:)

I never told in my first post that i am from Kerala, Gods own country. Even though i have lived in Ernakulam all my life, before last year. I had the mind for the adventure, but never got beyond. I love to travel and enjoy the beauty of the world around me, feel the wind in my face etc etc. But I was too damn lazy :(. Once the call letter came to me, to join my new company I was scared initially. I mean, this was the first time I am going out of my comfort zone, no one to spoon feed me, no one to tell me do this or that. My first time away from home. One year after, i am not the same. Before joining Aricent (Yes that’s the company i work at) the places i have visited outside Kerala was absolutely nill!!Now I have gone to Jaipur, agra, hyderabad, bangalore, gurgaon, Delhi, Kulu Manali, chennai, Mahabalipuram, Coorg. So much places in an year :D.

Now I am writing this post, to share my experience on the 3 day trip to Kozhikode, spoiler alert (I am just gonna talk about the 2 places and the nostalgic feeling i got when i visited there).

On the day we got to kozhikode, I was under the impression we all will go to lot of places together, but didn’t. We got to go in two places only. First we reached the hotel where we planned to stay. After getting fresh, we went out to have breakfast. We got into a small shop(Thatukada in malayalam) to have breakfast. Wow the food tasted amazing there, I don’t know if my tamilian friends would have liked it, but they said they did like it.

After that we walked back to the room took some rest, and after lunch we left for kapad beach.

It took some 1 hr to reach the place, but it was a peaceful and clean beach. You would get salted mango etc from the shops and also kites. My friends were having a wonderful time playing with kites and i was taking pics of them, having fun. The kapad beach was the best beach I have seen till now, so clean so peaceful, not much rush.

Also before we got there we got into paragon restaurant for lunch and the lunch was wonderful. It was so tasty. I bought a margarita, just for having a taste what it was. The first sip took me back to childhood(like the scene in Ratatoulie movie at the end. The taste of mango from first sip reminded me of the Sip ups we get from childhood for 1 Rs. The margarita was worth the money, it was so tasty and nostalgic, the money was worth it for that money.

After that we went to the beach, then while coming back we walked from there to the juntion via a road that was only lit by the light of houses on either side. It reminded me of my dad’s home where we went for a dive in the river and while on the way back the road was same as the one from kapad beach. I could see people sitting on their porch and talking to neighbor’s or playing cards. I missed home so badly!!

After that we went to our stay, had food and the rest two days was boring. Then came back home via train.

I loved the beach, the people in Calicut, they were friendly adn happy to see us. They are very good people and helpful.

Till next time.

Two pics from my trip there.

DSC_0029 DSC_0097


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