Being in love with life

I was in love a long while back, and I lost that on the way. I would say it was because of my attitude and naïve look at life. I thought I was lost, that I was a sore loser. I felt everything that was happening was against me, every moment felt like “Why is this happening to me, God?”. Every moment from a one-word reply from a friend to a one-second ignorance from friends made me feel like I am a loser in life. What I didn’t see was that I wasn’t looking at things in a long shot. I always saw negativity in life and not seeing the positive’s in my life. I had a fresh start when I went to Gurgaon, scared to trust anyone or open up to anyone. My life was in ruins. The new friends I made there changed my life, defined how I see my life now. Last few years was not my life, my life is still an open road waiting for it to be explored. They taught me how to laugh, love and live. How not take life when it comes and how to see life when it comes.

I found love again, I was not the one who found it, but love found me.Now I am living my life every second, breathing it all in. Enjoying every moment of my life.This is all because of the people who were there beside me, shaping who I am, teaching me life may be a tragedy up close but a comedy in a long shot. This was quoted by Charlie Chaplin and now I understood what it meant.

Spend time with yourself and learn about yourself, that’s the only way you can enjoy life. This doesn’t mean that you have to be alone all the time but just have time for yourself too. Your friends are important in your life. 🙂


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