Keep calm and be Hampi!

I took a break from normal routine and went to Hampi for a weekend getaway. I traveled with my best friend and my love which made the trip more exciting. It was a chance to know each other more, I have always heard that the best way to know each other is not talking to each other but going on a trip together, only you and her. I did that and I find it true. Your love for each other improve, you feel more relaxed, happier and peaceful.

We reached via Hampi express at 7:30 in the morning. The moment you step out, you feel rushed by the auto driver’s trying to convince you to go in their autos. They don’t come cheap. Since we were tired we asked him to drop us at the hotel. The good thing was that he knew the hotel and dropped us there. The hotel was very good, there was everything that was expected of a 3-star hotel.

Once we got freshened up we had the buffet and went directly to Virupaksha temple.We wanted to make the travel cost friendly as possible. We were at Kamalapur. While walking we saw three buses going towards Hampi, the moment we reached the bus stop, there was not even a single bus in sight. The heat was getting really bad as it was almost noon. Finally, we took another auto towards Hampi and bad luck again, the moment we got the auto, another bus came and we said to each other “We haven’t seen any bus”.

Finally, we reached Hampi and got to see the Virupaksha temple. We had no proper plan, just explore as much as we can.


The above pic shows the panoramic view of Virupaksha temple.The heat was at its worst, we started walking towards Vittala temple. En route we got to see the Tungabhadra river. It looked so calm and saw people taking a ride in the coracle. I always wanted to take a ride in one of those. My wish got fulfilled because of my buddy, she told we will go after seeing my excitement for riding in one of those. It was the best thing I have done. The river was so calm and pleasing. It was really good. The ride was very costly but the experience totally worth it. He took us to a cave, a small one. It was so cool under the rock, we had to pay a bit extra but it was worth it.

After the relaxing ride, we started out walk towards Vittala temple. The heat was getting the better of us, we wanted cold water. After walking 20 minutes we finally reached Vittala temple. There was a woman sitting there selling cold water. Such a relief!

After exploring Vittala temple and playing with the instrumental towers of the Vittala temple, we started our way back to Virupaksha. We wanted to cover maximum places, but the sun and the heat changed the plans for us. Finally, we gave up and headed back to the hotel. We took a good nights sleep and started the next day at 11.


Day 2 started with a lot of tiredness, we went to the royal enclosure. Explored the area and took rest under a tree. I loved lying there watching the tree, listening to the bird sounds, lying close to my dearest. That was the highlight of the trip. We got to know a lot about each other. I loved caring for her, making her smile. That was the best thing about the trip.


After royal enclosure, we went to the underground Siva temple and finally went to the sunset point and watched the sunset to end the trip. That was the best sunset I have seen, relaxing on top of the rock while the sun sets. We talked about us, our future plans while the sun set. After that, we had ou dinner and head back to Bangalore, lazy to return to the daily routine. On the way back we were planning where to go next, excited when that would be. Hampi will forever remain in my heart for its calmness and the fact that it was my first trip with my love.



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  1. This seems like such a lovely getaway, it looks beautiful and i am definetly going to add it to my bucket list, i’m glad you and your love had an amazing time

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