Riding is a way of enjoying life

I recently bought a bike, mainly with the idea of going for a ride. This idea was inside me for a long time. Riding the open road with my love sitting behind me, going to places.

This is the bike i bought, the Dominar and it's a beauty. I never knew how it feels like to go for a long drive and by long drive I mean riding a bike for 200+ kms. I went to Yercaud on my bike on a Sunday and it was wonderful. The feeling you get while riding, the happiness, It felt like an addiction. The view while en route to yercaud was nice too. I couldn't get a snap but the view is nice. While on the way I kept an average speed of 100 km/h since I was new to cruising at this speed. Whenever I felt like i want to go a bit more fast, I though about my love and my parents, They are worried and why should I increase the speed for the adrenaline rush. I kept the same speed at 80-100 driving it safe. I was enjoying the way I was riding.

When I reached Salem and started climbing the hairpins (20 hairpins). It was wonderful, this was the first time I was trying to conquer the Hairpins.

I was half way there when I though of taking a pic. When I reached the top, It was a very small area, very crowded because it was a Sunday. I had booked a hotel room and stayed there. The place was ok. But the hotel had great view, like it had the best view of the hills in the full Yercaud.

This was the view point and it was lovely.

I had a good dinner and slept well. Next morning, It was very foggy. I was planning to see the sunrise but fog had better ideas.

After the ride, I decided it was time to go back home and back on the road. I was excited again to ride.

After reaching home, I wanted to go for another ride, this time with friends. I know that would make the ride feel more awesome and I want to know how it feels. I am waiting for it, mostly going again in next few weeks and I am eagerly looking forward to it.


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